A New Place for Me to Live

When I drove past Rodgers Forge not long ago, I really liked what I saw. I was already settled in at an apartment complex about six miles away, and I honestly was not looking for a new place to move to. I am not the type of person who enjoys moving, so it was surprising to me when I went online so I could look at www.rodgersforgeapartments.com, which is their website. I just wanted to see pictures of the apartments and see what kind of amenities they offer to the tenants, and that is where I got hooked.

There were very few amenities at my apartment or at the complex, so I was excited to see everything that is included with a lease at Rodgers Fort. The thing that I liked the best is the laundry room right in the apartment. I absolutely hate going to the laundry room here because there is often a long wait for the machines during the time I can go there, and it is just not fun at all. It is a pain, actually, and seeing that I could have a washer and dryer right there in my apartment is what got me started thinking about moving there.

There are other things there that I really like too, such as the swimming pool and the workout center. I used to pay a few hundred bucks a year for a gym membership, but that is not a necessity anymore. I did put in an application to live there, and they had several vacancies in the floor plan that I wanted. I am much happier here, and it is just funny when I think about how I ended up with an apartment here when I was not even in the market for a new place to live!