A Top of the Line Provider

When someone asked me whether or not they should sign up for Allegiance Cable, I gave them a resounding ,”YES!”. It’s important to understand that I am someone who grew up with satellite television back in the day when it wasn’t actually very good. I then had the unfortunate experience of being a customer with Comcast for several years. So when I came across Allegiance Communications I was stoked to find a company that wasn’t at all awful and who actually seemed to care that I was a customer of theirs rather than just another bill to be paid every month.

That’s how Comcast made me feel, anyways. They really don’t do anything to make you feel like you matter. With Allegiance, they are always super nice on the phone as any problem that I have had to call in regards to has actually been taken care of on the spot with friendly reps. I bet a friend customer rep would be worth their weight in gold to the likes of Comcast considering that nearly every time I called in, they were most definitely pretty grumpy. I guess I might be grumpy as well if I had to deal with customers all day long.

It’s a bummer to think that customer reps are being abused over the phone but I don’t think there is anything anyone is actually able to do about that right now. When your customer service experience consists of being bounced back and forth between various departments while you have to sit there and explain your problem each time, it’s maddening to say the least. I have not had to do that with Allegiance once and I think I may have only ever been transferred the day that I signed up for them. Definitely a top of the line company.