All Things Are Reduced to Scrap

Speculation has a long tradition within the banking systems of the world. Speculation of natural resources is no doubt one of the very first examples of this being done. With the current scrap copper prices on the rise, it’s safe to say that construction and development is quickly rising to meet that expectation. What could be the cause of it? Is it because of China’s presence in Africa? They have been busy helping the Africans establish a modern infrastructure; everything from roads, houses and to entire cities that are springing up from the resource rich earth that Africa has long been purveyor of.

It’s the same reason that war, strife, violence and suffering has been the anthem of the world’s largest continent. It shouldn’t be that way but wherever there is land, resources and anything else that man might covet for himself you’re going to find the ugly leavings of greed’s presence. Not that China is being altruistic in their business dealings with the African governments. It only makes sense from a business perspective to partner with the man who owns the land you plan on digging in. Better that than rile his ire. Better that than having to be forced to deal with instability among the local population that might push back against your presence.

Give people what they want. Help them build lives if they have nothing. Give them something to want and strive for. It might be as simple as a roof over their head, employment to give them the means to taking control over life or something even more simple; money. The greatest motivator in the world and the source of all speculation. It doesn’t even have to exist for it to be speculated upon, to give something of value, before it’s even pulled out from the mines to inevitably land in the scrap yard.