Educating Myself for a Future Promotion

I was really excited about a job promotion offer at my work, but it did not take long for me to get disappointed about it. The reason why was because I was not eligible for the promotion. The position required someone who was masterful in design, particularly Adobe. While I can muster my way through some of the programs, it is definitely at an amateur level. I knew that I needed to educate myself so I could advance, and that is why I did a search for design school in Singapore.

I wanted to find a school that would not take up a lot of my time but could still teach me more than the basics of the programs that I needed. I also needed a program that I could work in around my work schedule, because I still needed to devote my 40 hours a week to earning a living. When I found what Orita School of Design, New Media and the Arts offers, I was so happy. They have 12 month programs that teach exactly what I needed to know so I could take advantage of the next promotion at work.

The great thing for me was that I did not have to go full time. They offer a part time program because they understand that there are going to be people like me who cannot devote a full day to education. It is a hectic pace for me to mix work, school and my family life in just 24 hours a day, but I know that this is going to help me so much in the future. When the next promotion rules around at work, I am definitely going to qualify because of the education that I am getting right now. Even better, it’s something I am really enjoying!