Finally Got Rid of My Acne Scars!

When I was a teenager I had acne that was pretty bad. I worked hard to not have any scaring from it, but I had been left with some marks on my face. I no longer have acne. I am glad that those years are behind me. It was an awful experience. There was pain and lots of it. Both physically and emotionally. Kids can be brutal when you don’t look like them. Rather than questions of where my scars come from, I just wanted them gone. That is why I went to a Singapore aesthetic centre to have them treated.

I am quite pleased with the results I received from having my acne scars treated. I discovered that I am actually not a bad looking fellow without the marks on my face. I could not see past them just like other people couldn’t. It is amazing to have smooth and clear skin now with not only no acne but no scars that you can see from my teenage years suffering with terrible acne. I feel bad for any kid or adult that is suffering with acne. It is no fun. People get in their heads that you must live in filth to have such bad skin. They look at you like you are a leper and they act like they can catch acne.

Television, print ads and social media are not much help. They show fresh faces with clear skin and that is the ideal. Anything other than the ideal look is not looked on well. Such are the foibles of society. As we strive for something better, we sometimes cause bias against those of us who cannot conform to what is accepted as being normal or mainstream. I wanted to have clear skin, but I could not attain it until now.