Getting Our Apartment Professionally Cleaned Before We Moved in

We both work and had to move. There are so many headaches in moving. Packing things so they do not break, needing things during the move that are in a box somewhere, trying to live out of two places at the same time until the move is over and more. Plus, there are expenses. We were going to take a day off to clean our new apartment before we moved any of our stuff in. We saw that it was more cost-effective to use pre moving in cleaning in Singapore to get the job done professionally.

Instead of buying a small fortune in specialty cleaning chemicals and tools, we just left it to the company. They have everything they need to clean every surface in every room from the walls to the tiles to the carpeting. They are very thorough too. They pulled out the refrigerator and stove to clean behind them. They got into every small space and crevice to clean out anything that was left behind by the previous tenant. It looked like a brand new apartment when we were ready to move in. One thing that I liked a lot is that it was clean and sanitized with no odors of cleaning products left behind. The place did not have any soap or detergent smells. It was just clean, fresh air in the apartment.

I have always been leery of spaces that have been cleaned and smell like disinfectant or pine or lemon. Clean should not really smell like anything. That is just masking odors when there is a perfume scent left behind. Our place was super clean. There was not any grime even under the stove hood that vents to the outdoors. Every corner of the room was clean as a whistle. We felt very comfortable from the first moment of our arrival.