Growing My Business the Steady and Easy Way Keeps It Fun to Do

I started out cutting my neighbor’s grass one day when they were away on vacation. I was cutting the lawn at our house. It was my chore as a teenager. The neighbor was returning home that day, and I wanted them to not have to worry about cutting grass before going back to work. They really liked the job I did , and they paid me even though I did not want anything. Then they hired me to cut it! Now, a few years later, I do this for a living. I have employees, and you can check here to see how easy it is to get them their paystubs for the withholding and income tracking part of hiring an employee.

I have expanded to include a lot more landscaping jobs since my first paid job cutting grass as a teenager. I now have trucks and trailers for the equipment, and have commercial mowers and trimmers. I am working on a masters online and a few night classes too. It is warm year round here, so I really do not have any downtime. I do take a vacation with my wife and kids each year. The guys that work for me handle stuff while I am on vacation. I even have one guy manage the paychecks while we are away. I have good people working for me that I trust. The paystub making online is so easy to fill out each pay period. It keeps a running tally of the withholding and earnings too.

Thus is not a business that we will be turning into a franchise or anything like that, but it does offer a good pay for all of us. It is also quite secure. We are always adding new customers and I have added about one employee for every two years in business. Not a major corporate type of growth, but we are happy and working.