How Hard is It to Become a Pediatrician?

UNC-Chapel Hill Continuing Education ShowcaseI am interested in becoming a Pediatrician and after I graduate (hopefully in 2013) from UNC Chapel Hill I intend to apply for the medical school here and at Wake Forest. Of course it is going to be very difficult to get in and to become a pediatrician. Right now I am both attending school and trying to amass some savings. I want to find good places on the internet to do research on the latest topics in Pediatrics and the general advances in the state of the science. It is getting closer to the time when I will need to devote myself full time to the process. Next semester I am taking a huge course load with lots of Chemistry and Biology classes. If I am successful I should be able to graduate in 2013 with majors in each of those subjects and a minor in Math.

I am looking for the best field where I could specialize. I was thinking that perhaps I should look into treating a really big problem like childhood obesity. I do not know if anyone actually does that and I am looking for information on the current methods of treating it. I am guessing that it largely goes untreated beyond what the family practice physician does. I am wondering if anyone has tried prescribing ADD medicines for obesity actually. I have a nephew who was extremely skinny because he never ate while he was on his medicine for hyperactivity. If it makes a skinny kid skinnier are there any serious side effects to prescribing Ritalin for kids who are obese. I am aware that Ritalin is abused by some of the students here in Chapel Hill, especially during exams. It is a schedule 2 narcotic and there are cases where addiction results. However I am wondering if anyone has studied it’s effectiveness in weight control.