How Safe is It to Have Pesticide

I have been thinking about how safe it is to get pesticide sprayed in a house. My wife and I were looking for a house in a good part of the city. Of course when you find a house you like you have a home inspector look at it. The one we hired said that we needed to get someone who does termite control in New York city and have them spray the place, because he said the area has termites. I am not sure how he knew that or how much you need to worry about it if the house down the street has had termites. In fact since we have two very young children we are more concerned about the effect that the stuff that they use will have on them. Obviously this stuff is going to be poisonous and they are going to be spraying it down at the level of a child basically. Our kids, like many others, they get in to everything and they put stuff in their mouth that they should not. It is what kids do and if there is poison on stuff, that still is not going to keep them from doing what they always do. So I have been looking to see if there is a safe alternative. I am trying to figure out just how toxic the stuff that they use is going to be, especially for a child. Obviously the level of toxicity is going to be a much bigger factor for a child. My oldest one, Marcus is only about 25 lbs right now. The younger one is just now learning how to crawl and obviously that makes it a lot more concerning. They spray the stuff in all of the seams along the edges of each wall and that is where Jonas is at.