I Have Decided to Run

Politics is in my blood. I have always had a thing for it. It runs in the family. I come from a long line of politicians. My father, mother, uncles and aunts all have tossed their hats into the political ring. We are very passionate about our government and how it runs. My father used politics to teach me a lot about life. He showed me what it meant to be a leader and how to hold others accountable. I monitor Trump news daily as part of my daily routine. After careful consideration of the things that I have seen domestically and abroad, I have decided to run for office.

I ran for my first political office back in high school. I ran for senior class president. I knew that it was a position with responsibilities that affected the whole senior class. I knew that this position was something that was not a joke. Unfortunately, some students did not feel this way. I ran against Paul Wilkerson, a captain of the football team and big man on campus. He was very popular among the students. I knew that he did not care about the seriousness about the position.Much to my horror, I lost. Paul was a bad president. He did not lead with common sense.

That was not the last time I ran for office. My father told me about handling defeat. He told me to pick myself up and keep going in life. In college, I ran for the president of the Student Government Association. I won by a landslide. I learned from my previous mistake. I was able to connect with the voters about their issues and the students supported me.

I am currently running for mayor of my town. I will use the tools that my family has taught to provide quality leadership for the people I represent.