I Like Having a Helper Who Comes to My House Now

I have been living with dementia for the past couple of years. With a husband who passed away long ago and no children, it can sometimes be lonely, but I have been able to make do just fine until recently. I now struggle with some things that I had no trouble with just a couple of years ago. I have heard of and seen many situations of people refusing help until the point that things grow worse, so I decided to get help now, rather than later. I found myself contacting a business that offers senior home care in Queens and explaining my plight to them.

I explained that I am an easy going person, and I would love to have someone come over to help me who is easy going, too. I simply do not get a long with people who are bossy. I also explained that I grew tired very early in the day, and I was forgetting to take my prescription meds or how to do things like take care of my house or even make myself a decent meal. I was even having trouble finding my own bathroom or making a simple peanut better sandwich. The agency said they had the perfect employee for me.

The person who came over to help me is a very young girl. I worried that this might be a problem, but she’s a lovely girl who reminds me of one of my friend’s granddaughters. She’s funny and she’s so helpful. When I forget something, she reminds me gently. If I get confused, she just does whatever needs to be done very quietly. It makes me feel like I am still independent to some extent, and I am really enjoying have someone in the house. I do have a dog, but you cannot talk to your dog and receive an answer back!