I Need to Find a New Place to Stay

I need to find a new place to stay and just as soon as I can. Of course I do not mind having a pint or two, or pursuing the fairer sex. I do more than my share of that indeed and I do not suspect I shall become a cloistered monk if I find a new place. However my current flat is way too boisterous and my grades are plummeting because of social life here. I have been looking at a site called studentrent today and I am hoping that some of the leads that will work out in the very near future. Of course one thing that I do want is to live with guys (or ladies) who manage to clean up after themselves a lot better than my current flat mates.

I am not going to claim that I am the most cleanly person in the world, because I am not anything close to that. However these guys are just flat out nasty. It sort of surprises me that they manage to get so many girls to show up to the parties that they have been having almost nightly here. Jack does have his mother’s money, she is some sort of doctor and spoils him like mad. I tell him he should spend some of it to pay someone else to clean up after him, but he seems to have thought that was a joke. At any rate him and Mitch are just pigs and the place has a really strong odor. I could live with that I suppose, but the place is always noisy. How the two of them manage to keep their grades up is a real mystery to me. I can not really manage to perform in school if I do not exert a lot more focus and get some sleep.