I Needed to Have My Teeth Whitened

I have healthy teeth, but I did not have a nice smile. The only reason is because my teeth were not a nice white color. I used to smoke, plus I used to drink mostly coffee and tea. Those two habits really did a number on my teeth. I had always wanted one of those Hollywood smiles like my favorite actresses have. I knew that they probably spent thousands of dollars to get that smile, something I could not do. But, I could choose the best dentists in Aurora to see what he could do for my teeth.

I went to Dr. Mauck because of all the great testimonials I had read about him. When I heard that people who wouldn’t even smile couldn’t stop smiling after he was done working on their teeth, I knew he was the one I wanted to visit for my own dental needs. I was really happy that I did not need any major work done. I would have had a gorgeous smile if I hadn’t discolored them so much with my bad choices, but that is in the past. That is something that Dr. Mauck told me too.

He said the damage is there, and we can’t undo it. What we can do is focus on the future, and fix the damage. I liked his attitude about it, because I had enough lectures to last me two lifetimes. He told me about the whitening for life program they have, which would get me up to ten shades brighter. The plus side to this is that I would have whitening treatments for free for the rest of my time as his patient. Since I don’t plan on changing dentists after the gorgeous smile he gave me, I guess I am going to have a nice white smile for decades!