I Was Waking Up in Pain

I am the type of person to wake up in a great mood regardless of what is going on. I value every new day that I am given, so it is extremely rare to find me in a negative frame of mind on any given morning. When I woke up about a month ago with a stiff neck, I didn’t think about calling a chiropractor in Bakersfield right away because I just figured that I had slept wrong. When the pain did not subside though over the next couple of days, I knew that something more than sleeping poorly was wrong.

It was not until I woke up four mornings in a row in pain that I finally had a dour disposition. I was tired of hurting, and I was not ready to face another day where I had to keep squirming just to try and find a position that was not extremely uncomfortable for me. I had also had to use two sick days on this, and I didn’t have many left. I decided then that I needed to contact a chiropractor. I had briefly considered making an appointment with my personal doctor, but I figured he would just refer me out to a specialist anyway since this was pain definitely coming from something wrong in my back.

I drive past a chiropractor’s office every day on my way to work, and their parking lot is always filled with cars. While that alone is not enough to choose them, a full parking lot is definitely a ringing endorsement. After some online snooping around, I felt comfortable with this chiropractor, and my appointment was set for the following day. It took just one adjustment for my world to be set right again. The next morning, I was smiling bigger than usual because it was the first morning in nearly a week when I did not wake up in pain.