Looking for a Quieter Apartment in McDonough, Georgia

The last time we got bored we went for a drive. We ended up calling off of work and taking three days of vacation time. Both bosses were okay with it because we told them up front that we had decided to take a drive on our two days off and ended up several states away. We were looking at fall foliage up north, and we stayed in a cheap hotel that had a nice restaurant. It was a break. When we got back to Georgia, we checked out an apartment finder for McDonough GA. The reason was because of what we discovered was the real reason for our impromptu vacation. It wasn’t our jobs, because we like what we do. Neither of us could imagine doing anything else. We pinned it down to a real frustration with the apartment we were living at. We needed something nicer, newer and quieter.

If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know that your neighbors can be deal makers or deal breakers. We had deal breakers on both sides and in front of us. When another family of deal breakers moved to the apartment just above us, we had enough. Our little vacation helped us clear our heads and just start looking at an apartment finder for McDonough GA. We found the Crossings at McDonough. A very nice place with big closets, black appliances in the kitchen, a laundry room in the apartment for a washer and dryer and a whole lot more. What we really wanted was to move to a better class of apartment.

We looked at the cost to rent a place with the same square feet as wheat we had, and we found that we could get more square feet and amenities for really close to what we were already paying for monthly rent. It did not take much time for us to decide on signing the lease for the new place once we started meeting people in the building. Everyone said how quiet it is, and that sold us.