Looking for My First Rental Was Fun

My parents traveled for work a lot in my teens, so I quickly became used to spending time on my own in the house while they were working for long stretches at a time. I did not mind it at all. I really loved the fact that I was old enough to stay home alone, and they were finally free to go after their dream jobs that involve travel. And it really helped me to mature, too. I could not wait to get my own apartment at age 20, and there are so many apartments for rent in Denver CO that a person can choose from, too.

I, of course, saw a lot of apartment buildings anytime I drove around the city. But when it came time to look for one, I was stunned to learn just how many there are in my city. I picked up a rental guide and began looking through it. I had some idea of what I would like to look for, but my mom stepped in and pointed out that she had some good advice to give me, and it would be a good idea if I listened to her because she has had a lot of practice moving in the past. That made good sense to me.

Mom said that she and dad planned to live in the same house for another 10 years, so it would be a good idea if I found a place to rent nearby so that I did not have to travel a lot. My job is also near their house, so that was good advice. She also said that I should choose a place that is safe, allows me to have a pet if I want one later, and has affordable rent. She went with me to look at one, and we found the perfect place for me.