My Fitness Level Went Through the Roof

Finding the best personal trainer in Denver proved daunting. There are so many people out there claiming that they are the best in the business and you will only make superior gains if you train with them. I went from an overweight couch potato to a fairly fit guy, but I needed to find someone who could help me break out of a plateau and take my gains much further. I have plans on running marathons and I need to get into the best shape of life to accomplish this goal. I needed someone who was no nonsense when it came to fitness.

Asking around my circle of friends for advice on effective fitness trainers proved frustrating. Everyone thinks the person they’re using is the absolute best, but I found all of their recommendations didn’t work for me for various reasons. I began to despair that I would find the perfect trainer until I stumbled over a site online. That in itself wasn’t impressive, but what piqued my interest is that I noticed is that he trains professional athletes in a variety of sports such as the NFL and the UFC. That struck me as exactly the type of person who could get me over the line.

I went in and found out about the trainer and the place and I was immediately impressed. They don’t mess around with your training, but they’re also focused on your safety. We sat down and I told him my goals and exactly what I had accomplished so far and we came up with an action plan. The first week I thought I wasn’t going to make it. the regimen was very difficult and I had to push hard to hit my goals in the plan. But hit them I did, and the gains were immediate and huge!