My Future Wife’s New Look

My fiancee Tanya and I cannot wait to get married. We love each other so much. I look forward to making her my wife. There is just one problem. Tanya is self-conscious about her looks. She does not like cosmetic features of her face. I try to assure her that she is perfect, but she does not believe it. She wants the perfect face for her wedding pictures. She does not want to look weird. Tanya is looking for an aesthetic and laser clinic in Singapore. Tanya wants to look completely flawless for the big day.

Tanya has always been shy about her face. Ever since she was a little girl, she had a slight problem with facial hair. She was so ashamed. The kids teased her about her thin mustache. She had really low self-esteem growing up. She often came home from school crying after being bullied. When she became a teenager, it was worse. The kids’ attack on her became more ruthless. The girls constantly humiliated her every chance they got. The boys showed no romantic interest in her. She always walked with her head down because she was so ashamed.

I first met Tanya in college. We accidentally bumped into each other. I don’t think she was watching where she was going. She seemed so shy when I talked to her. She tried to hide her face, but I saw her beauty. I noticed the light facial hair on the upper lip, but it did not bother me. After being good friends, we decided to become a couple. We fell so in love with each other. After four years of dating, I proposed marriage to her. I was overjoyed when she agreed to be my wife.

Tanya found a clinic that would treat her facial hair problems. I hope it will make her happy.