My Sister and I Fix Our Thinning Hair with Virgin Hair Bundle Deals We Found Online

My sister and I are hair stylists. We do it for a living. Between wages and tips, we don’t do too bad. However, just like a dentist can’t really work on his own teeth, we can’t work on our own hair. We like hair weaves and extensions because of what we inherited from mom. That is, thinning hair. My sister and I are twins and are in our early 40s. We fix mom’s hair every week, and we do each other’s hair using my natural hair extensions we get online. Since we both share the same exact hair color, we can just buy one type of hair bundle color that we use between us. Mom’s hair is lighter now, so we buy different hair for her weaves and extensions.

It is really nice to have my sister as my hair stylist. She knows exactly what I want because we pretty much have the same tastes. You know how it is. You get a stylist that gives you close to what you want, but it is never really perfect in how you would do it if you could stand behind yourself and fix your own hair. Wouldn’t that be cool? Imagine if us girls could just work on our own hair from a 360 degree perspective. Trouble is that mirrors only show so much, and our hands and shoulders can only bend certain ways. With my sister as my stylist, it is like I can actually stand behind myself as I sit in the stylist’s chair and work on my own hair. It is the same for her.

We have to keep our hair looking especially perfect because of our jobs. Imagine attempting to pull that off with thinning hair. Well, we do it. Not one of our clients knows we both have thinning hair. Except for our mom, no one knows. We put up a good front using quality virgin hair bundle deals we buy online.