One of the Best Options for Living in Singapore

My friend and I were thinking about moving in to a new apartment because our old one was getting a little bit cramped for our tastes. My friend came up with the suggestion of getting a condo instead. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. He said that the Singapore New Futura condo complex was a good choice and that we should check it out. I wasn’t even sure if we had enough money to pay for a condo between the two of us, but my friend assured me that it was more affordable than I thought.

We went to the condo complex to look around and I had to admit that the condo looked nice, but the thought of how much the price would be still lingered in my head. I was prepared to hear some outstanding number that would be more than I made in an entire year. When I learned that the price was no different from what we were already paying for our apartment, I was floored. I didn’t know condos were that affordable these days. It would make no sense for us to move into an apartment when a better option exists, so I agreed on the condo.

We said our fond goodbyes to the old apartment and move out stuff into the condo. It was like those old television shows were people move from their old surroundings to the place where all of the wealthy people stay. If I had known that the condo was so affordable, I would have just moved there instead of getting the old apartment with my friend. My friend and I get up every morning and swim a few laps in the pool before we start our day. We both have a competitive nature, so we try to race.