Our Apartment is Better Than a House

My daughter and I have been on our own for most of her young life. She is growing up to be quite the young lady though, and I could not be more proud of her. When I was given an opportunity to work in Vegas, I talked it over with her first. I told her that we would need to look at Las Vegas apartments first because we just would not have the time to look at houses first. I thought we could get an apartment and stay there for at least a year, and we would know the area well enough by then to find a nice house.

She was a trooper through all of it. Even though I was asking her to leave her friends behind in Arizona and move to Nevada, she knew that this was an opportunity that we could not pass up. She is the one who encouraged me to go ahead with it, and she is also the one who found us the apartment that we now live in. She thought it was a lot of fun looking at different apartments, and when she found one at Lyric that she really liked, she showed it to me to see if it was affordable.

Not only is it affordable for the two of us, but it is not that far from where I now work. She did really good in picking out the apartment too. It has two bedrooms and two baths, plus we each have a very nice sized walk in closet. When I am work, she can either stay in and study or she can enjoy the pool, one of the recreation rooms, the fitness center, one of the athletic courts, or so much more. I honestly don’t think we want to look at a house after living here for several months now!