This is Now Our Home

I was offered one of those job opportunities that only come around once in a person’s working life. I knew that if I did not accept it, that I would probably never have that chance again. It took me all of three days to talk about the pros and cons with my wife, mainly because the con side of the list was very short. Our next question was, where to live in San Diego? We were living in New York at the time, and neither of us had even been to California in over a dozen years.

Thankfully, we were both familiar with San Diego before we headed east, so we knew that the La Jolla neighborhood was a good one. Continue reading This is Now Our Home

The New HVAC System is Installed

We got the new HVAC system installed at the church and now we are going to get started other things which we need. I have to think about the long term part of it, so we are going to wait a little bit and start getting quotes on preventative maintenance contracts in NYC. You really do not want to spend a fortune on a big system like this and then forget to take care of it. You have a lot of things which can go wrong with it and you can be sure that they will go wrong if you are not doing what needs to be done to maintain the system. It is only logical and we want to be safe about this. It took us a great deal of work to figure out how we are going to pay this off and so the last thing you want is to have it go bad on you before we have even paid it off.

The last system lasted a very long time. Continue reading The New HVAC System is Installed

Educating Myself for a Future Promotion

I was really excited about a job promotion offer at my work, but it did not take long for me to get disappointed about it. The reason why was because I was not eligible for the promotion. The position required someone who was masterful in design, particularly Adobe. While I can muster my way through some of the programs, it is definitely at an amateur level. I knew that I needed to educate myself so I could advance, and that is why I did a search for design school in Singapore.

I wanted to find a school that would not take up a lot of my time but could still teach me more than the basics of the programs that I needed. Continue reading Educating Myself for a Future Promotion

A Website for My Jewelry Business

Just about anyone can make a website if they know even a little bit about following directions. That is okay too, if you want to make a personal website that only family and friends may look at. When you want a lot of people to come to your website though, it is best left to have a professional designer create it. That is why I was looking for a company that does website design in Metro Detroit not long ago. I am a jewelry designer, and I had too many people wanting to see my newest creations.

When I was just selling a piece here and there, it was not a big deal to show them my newest designs. Continue reading A Website for My Jewelry Business

Taking Care of Snowflake Clownfish

My son has been adamant about wanting a pet for a couple of years. I hated to tell him no, but we were renting and our landlord simply would not allow cats or dogs there. When my son asked me if he could at least get an aquarium, I knew that we would be able to do that. I still asked our landlord, and he agreed that fish would be okay. I went online and looked at saltwater fish for sale. I mainly did this because I never had an aquarium before, and I wanted to make sure that we had everything that we needed.

My son was one step ahead of me though. He had already been looking at fish and fish supplies online. He had all of the information that we needed, and he showed me the fish that he really wanted. Continue reading Taking Care of Snowflake Clownfish

The Scope is the Key

I’m not the kind of person who usually buys accessories, but sometimes if I find something useful, I’ll give it a chance. I saw a Butler Creek scope cover on display once, and I couldn’t figure out why anyone would need to have a cover for their scope. It seemed like something that was pointless, but really it would turn out to be pretty useful. I hunt three times a month on the weekends, and in the last couple of weekends, I wasn’t able to hit any animals. It was like the animals knew that I was trying to get them.

I thought about it for a while, and it hit me that the scope on my rifle might have something to do with it. The rifle and my body are all decorated to blend in with the surroundings, but not the scope. Continue reading The Scope is the Key

Testing out a New Affiliate Program

When I first heard of Wealthy Affiliate, it seemed to be the answer I had been looking for. I decided before I jumped in with both feet that I needed to read an unbiased Wealthy Affiliate review to make sure that it truly is something that will be able to help me. I wanted to have passive income, but I also understand that passive does not mean that I will be able to just turn on my computer and expect it to do all of the work. I know that in order to make money, even a passive income, requires work from me.

That is what I really liked about the website review that I read on Wealthy Affiliate. Continue reading Testing out a New Affiliate Program

Started Working in a Construction Job

I have just now started working for a big contractor, they do all sorts of things, but the main job so far has been excavation in Sydney. It is not as though they really trust me with any of the serious stuff. Obviously you have big expensive machines that you have to take care of and you have to keep them working. That is your livelihood and you can not trust someone with no experience with this stuff. In fact they do not want you to get near the stuff, because the operators are busy and they do not have time to look after people who are wandering around. One of the guys in the office told me a story when he hired me. Continue reading Started Working in a Construction Job

Hiring an SEO Company to Boost Your Online Sales

Finding success online seems like a simple proposition, like it only matters that the product or service you offer is superior and the customers will soon come. This is especially true when you have an established business, such as a small clothing boutique in Toronto, and decided to sell your clothing online. The problem comes when you spend money to create an appealing, user-friendly site and the website traffic is nothing like you expected and you were counting on a boost to your bottom line. This scenario can be avoided by hiring a SEO company in Toronto that specializes in digital marketing to help you with optimizing your website and also creating a marketing strategy that helps you drive traffic to your website.

Many people who are not running e-commerce businesses and just shop online and use a search engine, don’t realize the amount of time and strategy that goes into the results you see returned when you perform a search. Getting on the first one or two pages of search results does not happen overnight or because you sell high quality goods, and it happens almost never without a search engine optimization strategy and a search engine promotion package. Using both approaches can help a business get to where it wants to be when searching for related keywords to your business.

Search for a SEO company in Toronto to hire in particular so that they have a clear sense of your brand and can take a local marketing approach as well if necessary. They can come up with a successful strategy that can help turn around your online results and begin to boost your revenue. Although it will take some time and cost money up front, in the end it will greatly benefit your business to have approached marketing your site as seriously as you did when you decided to start your company. It takes time and effort, but is worth it in the end.

Free Civil Engineering Software Helped Me Plan Our New Home

CAD software can be very expensive. Testing model software can be too. I like to work on personal projects, and cannot afford the big software suites civil engineers with city budgets can afford. However, I did find a structural program and some others online that were available for free that were really helpful to my hobby. My wife and I wanted to build a house. I wanted it to look like a regular home in the community but be specifically engineered to be special. Over the years I have been working on fire safety ideas to build into the home to make it easy to survive any fire no matter when it might occur. This included picking specific materials in home construction as well as having fire warning and suppression systems.

A few years ago we actually experienced an earthquake. We just do not get them where we live. It shook the whole house we were living in at the time. Hydraulic fracturing in a state south of us was blamed for the earthquake. I decided to look into a structural program that would add earthquake protection to our new home we were going to build as well. Continue reading Free Civil Engineering Software Helped Me Plan Our New Home

The Apartment Boom is Here

Remember when you turned on the television and nightly on the news you would hear about the housing boom? Well, unfortunately those days are behind us due to the inevitable housing bust that followed but a good thing came out of that disaster; apartments. At one time many people saw apartments or apartment living as just a thing to do while saving for a house but with the overpriced housing market many people are changing their minds about going deep into debt and apartment communities are now booming and you should get in on it. Cottonwood Residential is a company top keep in mind here because they can be an integral part of getting into that new boom.

While the new apartment living situation is becoming the norm many new communities are being designed and built and many older communities are being refurbished to meet the new demand. Continue reading The Apartment Boom is Here

Looking for My First Rental Was Fun

My parents traveled for work a lot in my teens, so I quickly became used to spending time on my own in the house while they were working for long stretches at a time. I did not mind it at all. I really loved the fact that I was old enough to stay home alone, and they were finally free to go after their dream jobs that involve travel. And it really helped me to mature, too. I could not wait to get my own apartment at age 20, and there are so many apartments for rent in Denver CO that a person can choose from, too.

I, of course, saw a lot of apartment buildings anytime I drove around the city. Continue reading Looking for My First Rental Was Fun

A Reason for My Vaginal Discharge

When my friend told me that she was using Crystal X to treat her abnormal vaginal discharge, I wanted to find out more about it because I had a very foul odor discharge way too often. It can be quite embarrassing, and it makes it appear as if I don’t clean myself very well. Nothing could be further from the truth though, and I actually cleaned myself better than most people probably do. I wanted to learn not only how Crystal X works but what causes this horrible discharge in the first place.

I was able to go online and find a really valuable site that has so much information on vaginal discharge. Continue reading A Reason for My Vaginal Discharge

Cheap Shower Door Replacement in Union County

I am in the process of remodeling my bathroom right now. I was going to put this project off until summer, but there are some reasons that I had to start on it ahead of my own schedule. My shower door broke, first of all, and that just seems like a natural reason to go ahead with the remodeling. I am looking into replacement shower doors in Union County NJ and how much it will cost ofr one. I am not really sure exactly what I want to do with the shower though.

I want to make it look better, and I have some ideas as to how to do that, but they aren’t completely decided, and I might go in another direction. It would help me to go ahead and get into contact with a company that sells shower doors, and then to just look at all of the different options that I have available. Continue reading Cheap Shower Door Replacement in Union County

A Top of the Line Provider

When someone asked me whether or not they should sign up for Allegiance Cable, I gave them a resounding ,”YES!”. It’s important to understand that I am someone who grew up with satellite television back in the day when it wasn’t actually very good. I then had the unfortunate experience of being a customer with Comcast for several years. So when I came across Allegiance Communications I was stoked to find a company that wasn’t at all awful and who actually seemed to care that I was a customer of theirs rather than just another bill to be paid every month.

That’s how Comcast made me feel, anyways. Continue reading A Top of the Line Provider