Professional Web Design in Dacula, GA

My boyfriend was a very popular bluegrass musician who died last May. We had a profitable business with him performing across the country and selling his merchandise at shows and online. Before he died, he made me promise to keep his name, music, and merchandise available to his fans and the public. In order to do so, I have to create a new website for what is now going to be my very own business venture. A fellow musician suggested I contact a company the provides web design in Dacula, GA. And I did just that.

My initial contact with this company was very appealing to me. You see, I have absolutely no idea how to create a website. But that didn’t matter. This company was going to help me every step of the way. Our initial consultation was more or less a question and answer session about what I wanted for my website. I was pleasantly surprised at the insight they had. It seemed that they knew exactly what I needed. I emailed them the pictures of my boyfriend and the merchandise I would be selling as we spoke. The gentleman I spoke with put me at ease with this very emotional task. After about an hour on the phone with him, he told me he had everything he needed and would have my new website up and running within a week.

And he was true to his word. They had my new website ready in only five days. I couldn’t believe they got it done so fast. The new website was a huge success. I started receiving orders for merchandise the very first day. I was so happy to be able to keep my boyfriend’s memory alive as well as being able to make some money for myself. I highly recommend this web design company to anybody looking to create a new website.