Started Working for an Insurance Company

I went down there to apply for the job before I even got my diploma, but of course I already had all of my credits except for a couple of classes I was still not done with. At any rate it was good for me that I had familiarized myself with the tenets of healthcare marketing strategy before I went down there. That was what the job was about and to be honest I am not really sure I would have gotten it if I had not studied first. At any rate they were in a really big hurry to get me behind a desk, but I still had to finish up. I did not realize that they were really understaffed, or at least they did not have the people they needed in this part of the organization. It is pretty tense there to be honest, because no one has any clue what is going to happen in congress.

In fact the republicans are pretty much obliged to repeal the Affordable Care Act, because they have been screaming and crying about it ever since the ink was still wet on the paper it was written upon. At any rate this is a very big deal here and it could pretty much wipe the business out if things do not break correctly. In fact the truth is that President Obama had the right idea, for the simple reason that we have to get healthcare costs in line with the rest of the civilized world. We are paying an enormous sum for it and it has become a competitive disadvantage for the country. You can not really expect the Republicans to see this or care about it, when their entire focus is upon serving the top one percent of the country’s population.