Starting Next Semester at SMU

It is not too hard to figure out the motivation behind the move. Sherri is going to SMU and has been for a year and a half. I was not able to get in when she left High School, but we are still together and she is always urging me to get enrolled. Of course things will be easy for me, she has a nice apartment at the a place called the Forum at Grand Prairie and her Mom is paying the rent. I am not sure what they will think about me moving in, but obviously it is going to be the sensible thing to do. The place is not too far from the campus and so the two of us can drive to school every morning. However she says that does not really make the most sense all of the time, so instead we drive to a parking lot and hop on a shuttle bus instead.

That makes a lot of sense, at least instead of searching around for a parking space on the actual campus. You just end up wasting all of your time if you are not really thinking, because you never find a place to park that is anywhere near the place which you want to be. Instead you spend a lot of time searching for something and you end up having to take a long walk after that. It just does not really make too much sense to try that when the bus will drop you off right in front of the right building. So far I am just learning my way around and trying to sort out all of the student loans that I am going to need. I figure that I need to work hard and get something worth the debt I will take on.