The Band is Looking to Break out

I have been working on this band since I was in high school, although me and the drummer are the only ones left from the first iteration of it. We have always been good enough to make a decent living at it, but the ambition you start out with does not end at that. You can make a decent living at all sorts of things, but right now I am thinking about how to get bigger by using marketing. Things like how to buy instagram followers is one of the things we were talking about this morning. It is a simple idea about using social media to make the band grow, which is apparently a lot harder than you would think. We are a local band right now, which means that we are pretty well known in all of the college towns within about five hundred miles of our home town.

We have a lot of music out for free on the web, you can come to our shows and tape them if you like and a lot of people do. Of course we sell compact discs and t shirts at our shows, but we have never went into a studio to make a formal album. The reason is pretty clear, we make money doing shows and we do okay at it. However if you go into a studio and make an album, they charge you thousands of dollars for that. Then after that they really do not give you much in return. If you are a big band with the potential to sell lots of music in the traditional ways, then they would promote your new music. If you are like us, then they do not really do a thing to help you sell the records. So it is not a good deal for us.