The Complex Made a Strong Impression on Me

I knew that I needed to find an apartment that was close to Interstate 75 since that is where I do the bulk of my driving for work. I did not want to have to drive a long distance once I got off the interstate to get to my home, so I just looked at the complexes that are really close to it. I wanted to visit property too before I made any commitment because even though I was able to get a lot of information off of the website for the different complexes, I also knew that there was nothing that could compare to seeing it in person.

I did like what I saw with one that is only a few minutes off of the interstate, and I went there a few months ago on one of my days off. I wanted to see the grounds as well as one of the apartments. I know that a picture on a website can supposedly speak a thousand words, but I still trusted my own eyes more than a picture. I have to say though, the pictures really were spot on with what the complex offers.

I was impressed as soon as I drove onto the property. Everything was well taken care of, and it did not look overly crowded at all. In fact, it looked very peaceful. That is the impression that stayed with me as I toured the grounds as well as two of the apartments. I wanted to see both of them because even though they each had just one bedroom and bath, they were still laid out quite differently. I ended up filling out an application on the spot, and I moved in less than two weeks later. It made that much of an impression on me, and I wanted to seal the deal quickly!