The New HVAC System is Installed

We got the new HVAC system installed at the church and now we are going to get started other things which we need. I have to think about the long term part of it, so we are going to wait a little bit and start getting quotes on preventative maintenance contracts in NYC. You really do not want to spend a fortune on a big system like this and then forget to take care of it. You have a lot of things which can go wrong with it and you can be sure that they will go wrong if you are not doing what needs to be done to maintain the system. It is only logical and we want to be safe about this. It took us a great deal of work to figure out how we are going to pay this off and so the last thing you want is to have it go bad on you before we have even paid it off.

The last system lasted a very long time. It was originally installed in the mid 1970’s, but of course we used to have a member of the congregation who could do all of this stuff for us. He had learned about all of this stuff in the military and he would schedule all of the work you needed to do, paying for it out of his own pocket. So the rest of us never had to worry about this sort of stuff so long as he was there to do it all for us. Unfortunately he has moved to the West Coast to live with one of his kids and there is not much point in worrying about it any more. However we can pay someone else to do all of that stuff if we are smart.