The Office is Really in Chaos

I have been working pretty hard for almost a month solid now, the office seems to be in a state of perpetual chaos due to the turnover at all levels of the organization. Of course that is caused by a lot of factors, mostly centering on something of a toxic culture at the top. Our IT staff has really been decimated because one of the key guys got rich or at least he made a lot of money. He got a really good idea and sold it to a Singapore app developer. More accurately I suppose that he went into a partnership with them. He had the idea and he had the genesis of a working app, but you need a good many people with the right skills to turn the app into a real product that is ready for the open market. Obviously if he had wanted then he could have quit his job and worked on it full time until it was ready, but that has obvious risks. You might well go belly up and never finish it before you ran out of money.

At any rate the guy got a good deal of money and he took three other people with him. You have to pay people with those skills and we are not noted for that sort of thing. So we were left with half an IT staff and honestly it was not the half that you would have wanted to keep. Mr.. Lee knew which ones were good at the work and he took them with him. That really messed up the entire operation and since I have something of the skills required they have pressed me into doing what I am able. In truth I have learned a lot and I made them give me a raise, since I figured they had no choice.