We Are Living in Our Dream Apartment

I looked at three bedroom Stone Oak apts not that long ago, mainly for something to do. I was living in a three bedroom unit already at another apartment complex, and I guess I was just dreaming of what life would be like in a luxury apartment. I was so mesmerized with everything that I saw on the website, from the layouts of the different apartments to all of the amazing features inside and out for tenants there. What amazed me the most though was the price. I realized that I would be able to actually live there without paying a whole lot more in rent.

I seriously started looking at the apartments then, and I was really pleased with what I saw. I love the three bedroom Dominion floor plan, and I made an appointment to go there and see it in person. It is on two different levels, and it has two main things that my old apartment did not have. The first is a garage for my car, if you can believe that! The second is a second bathroom. Trying to share one bathroom with two teen girls is hard to do, so I was so excited to see that we would have an additional bathroom to fight over.

We all have a walk in closet, and there is plenty of room in the living room, dining room, and balcony. Yes, it has a balcony too, which is really exciting because that is something else that we did not have. We have so much more room, and there is even a really nice fitness center here that we all can use anytime we want to. I am so excited about living here now, and I know that I won’t be looking at other apartments and dreaming again, since I am living exactly where I want to be now.