We Have Started to Think About the Wedding

I have been trying not to act like I want to be cheap about this, but it should be obvious that I really do not want to go deep in debt for the wedding. So far as I am concerned we could do it in the courthouse and not tell anyone save for our parents and I would not tell her mother if that were a practical idea. Jean and her mother are on the web now looking at sites like weddinglovely limousines, although that page tries to help you find all of the vendors you would need. Her mother seems to think that you need to rent an entire fleet of limos, although it seems obvious to me that I just need to forsake alcohol and then we could drive off in my car or perhaps I could borrow my friend’s old Mercedes Benz. It is one of the really nice ones and people would think we spent a small fortune to rent the thing. In fact I would not think a better limousine would be necessary, so I could get it and give my cousin Mikey a hat and a nice suit so people would think he was a chauffeur. The number of things you could go broke paying for is pretty stunning, although the big ones are really obvious. You need a venue, usually a hotel or one of the places where they have weddings. I know of one that used to be an old plantation back in the day. Then it was owned by some really rich tobacco heir who spent several fortunes on the place. I do not know what that costs, but most of the other things depend largely on how many guests you have. You can serve them mac and cheese, but most of the time it will cost fifty dollars a plate or more.