What Do Women Really Talk About

Most women have some activity that they use for bonding. Some have books clubs to discuss what they’ve read, others have wine tasting. For my wife and her friends, it was the Orchard manicure. They would get manicures every couple of weeks, and use it as an opportunity to talk. Sometimes I would wonder what or who they talked about, but my wife would never spill the beans. One day my curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to go along with my wife and get a manicure. When I told her that I was going, she looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

All of my wife’s friends were at the spa already, waiting for her to show up. I had met them all before on various occasions. I told them that I would be getting a manicure with them, and they all gave me the same shocked look that my wife gave me. As I sat down and let the spa workers give me the manicure, they kept looking at me, as if I had something stuck on my head. I told them all to just act natural and pretend that I wasn’t even sitting in the chair.

The women slowly started to talk to each other like they normally would. I was finally going to learn about their conversations. For the entire time that I sat in the chair, all the women talked about was movies and television shows. It was like watching one of those talk shows that comes on early in the morning. When my wife and I got home, she told me that there was no way that anyone would do any kind of gossip talk with me sitting right there. I guess I can either let it go, or go to the spa undercover.