With Our Nice New Apartment in Scottsdale, We Could Be the Ones Entertaining Family and Friends

There are so many nice apartments nowadays. The landlords have figured out that people who live in apartments will pay a little more for renting a nicer place. When I was younger, it was a lot tougher to find an apartment that had all the nice amenities you could have in a house. We wanted a nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and we wanted a washer and dryer. We found what we were looking for when we were searching for luxury apartments for rent in Old Town Scottsdale. We had been wanting to move back to the Scottsdale, Arizona area for years, and now we were taking advantage of the opportunity to do so.

If I take an assignment where I work, they give you a housing allowance. The project was for five years, and that is a long time to get a housing allowance. We could pick a luxury apartment, and then be able to keep it after the contract for the extra money was over because we would both be making more money by then. We are quite adept at managing our finances to get what we want out of life. We picked the Stetson for the big windows, wood floors, garage parking, resort-style swimming pool and all the rest of the nice things the place offered.

Moving back to Scottsdale was now going to be moving up to luxury. It was a perk of the job that we were going to fully enjoy. It was nice to be back where we knew people, and it was nice to finally have an apartment where we could entertain friends and family. We used to have to be the ones visiting others as our apartment before just did not have the room or the features we wanted for entertaining guests.